Bachelor Thesis: Development and Integration of a Gamification Frontend on Android for the fortiss Smart Energy Living Lab Demonstrator

The Smart Living Lab, a project that is currently being developed at fortiss, investigates the idea of an office as part of a smart micro grid. The office is equipped with sensors, smart meters and actuators, all of which allow to track energy information and to change device states. This can be done on a web platform or from a mobile device. The Android application is an exemplary proof of concept, which was constantly extended with new capabilites in the past three years. This thesis aims to extend the functionality of the application even further by integrating gamification concepts into already existing implementations. The main reason for introducing these concepts is to raise the employees’ awareness with regard to energy consumption at the office, which would lead to developing long term sustainable habits.

Author: Daniel Plop, 2015

Bachelor Thesis Daniel Plop (English)