SMG 2.0 Installation

Existing Hardware support:

  • LabCon wireless device: This is a monitoring and control system supporting Zigbee protocol. details
  • Solar-Log device: This device monitors the photovoltaic installed on the roof top of fortiss building. details
  • Sunny webbox: It is used for remote monitoring and controlling of battery status connected with the medium-sized PV. details
  • Enocean devices: These are the smart sensors and actuators supporting proprietary Enocean protocol. details
  • IPswitch: This smart meter measures the energy consumption of the rooms and parts of the fortiss building.
  • Siemens PacSentron: This smart meter measures the energy consumption of specific locations inside fortiss building. For instance, energy consumption of individual rooms. details
  • Siemens Powerbridge: It is part of Siemens PacSentrons supporting IEC 61850.  details
  • Fröschl Power meter: Recently included power meter in SMG2.0, shows the PV generated power consumed by the living lab or pushed to the grid. details
  • Hexabus Plug: These plugs provide the intelligent control of household devices for optimized usage. details
  • Apart from the smart meters, sensors and actuators, several raspberry pi are being used to deploy and run SMG2.0 in a distributed environment.

Software requirement for SMG2.0 are:

  • Openjdk-7-jre environment to run the application.
  • Mysql for the backend support.
  • Rabbitmq 3.0 or later to provide messaging service to all the components of the application.
  • Phpmyadmin is not mandatory, but provides the ease of viewing DB tables.
  • Felix provides the runtime support to all the OSGi bundles.

Installation of SMG2.0 can be done for two purposes:

  • For deployment purposes on any Linux based system e.g. (Raspberry Pi, Odroid board etc.) Deployment instructions
  • For development purposes to extend SMG2.0 for additional functionalities. Development Environment Setup (instructions coming soon)