SMG 2.0

The SMG 2.0 software is a participant in the smart energy systems in form of a smart micro grid. It is a small instance, for example, a building in which different information is collected and processed. SMG2.0 uses state of the art technology to collect data, such as temperature, humidity, brightness, the status of the windows and doors, current power consumption as well as electricity production by a photovoltaic system. Besides pure recording of context information, an optimized control of connected and integrated devices in the system can be achieved.

A complex control system provides automated energy-efficient actions on the available resources inside the smart micro grid to run independent from the grid, making it possible to run the smart micro grid in an island mode.

The SMG 2.0 follows a distributed approach, where the individual system components can be installed on different energy-saving devices. However, the operation is possible on a single device.

Layered Architecture and Dataflow of SMG2.0
Layered Architecture and Dataflow of SMG2.0

The layered architecture of SMG2.0 shows various components along with their interactions. The architecture highlights the flexibility of data handling across the layers and the functionalities provided by SMG2.0. The physical layer shows various sensors and actuator currently being supported by SMG2.0. Device specific protocols are handled by actuatorClient component to convert into a generic data representation. Functional component layer shows the data flow between the components in SMG2.0. Service layer shows the functionality provided by a single or composite functional components. The business and control layer shows the applicability of SMG2.0 in the area of smart energy node management. It also highlights the significance of such smart micro grids in other research areas within the smart energy domain.  The upper layer shows the user interaction and highlights the role of the user in controlling various smart micro grids. You can find more documents and information on SMG 2.0 System.

Here is an installation guide along with a list of required software and hardware. With the help of these instructions, SMG2.0 zip can be deployed on any Linux based system.

Interested in developing new components in SMG2.0? You can download the source code of SMG2.0 from github repository.

Ahead of the code release, interested parties can subscribe. They will be automatically informed by us as soon as the new version of SMG2.0 software is available.