Stabiliz-E project is an Indo-European collaboration under the New INDIGO Partnership Program. This three year project started in 2014 with fortiss as the project coordinator.

The key goals of Stabiliz-E project are:

  1. Design and implement low cost real-time monitoring and control devices to be deployed in remote and cost dependent regions.
  2. Devise and deploy, via the low cost infrastructure, automatic methodologies to analyze, decide, and reconfigure in near real time the network.

The Stabiliz-E targets micro and small smart networks, which facilitate integration of these energy sources locally and regionally. Therefore the project will address:

  • Identifying real case scenarios where renewal energies combined with availability and QoS is pursuit, defining the requirements and guidelines to implement in the project.
  • Developing real-time data monitoring and control platform for distributed low or medium power network, focusing on the communication, use of sensors and need of data exchange between grid components.
  • Data processing mechanisms for the prognosis of faults and failures in the system, as well as real-time decision and actions capability in the network.

The project intends to provide a cost-effective infrastructure and functional solution to combine local renewable energy sources with a high level of energy availability and sufficient quality of service for every day use.

Partners collaborating in the project are:

  1. Amrita Center of Wireless Networks and Applications, India
  2. Evoleo Technologies, Portugal 
  3. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
  4. Maxim India Integrated circuit design private limited
  5. VTT, Finland