Bachelor Thesis: Rule System Component Enhancement in fortiss Smart Energy Living Lab


The rule system component in the fortiss Smart Energy Living Lab is responsible for automation of smart devices in an office environment. The intelligent control of actuators using sensor data is based on defining rules. We use a rule-based approach to automate the behavior of lights, shutters, and other actuators in the demonstrator. The existing rule system already provides features to support automatic rule generation and adaptation of existing rules. The implementation is done on JBoss Drools, which is a Business Rules Management System.


The goal of this thesis is to extend the existing rule system component by:

  • Analyzing and refining the concept for automatic generation and rule adaptation.
  • Implementing the developed/refined concept in the fortiss demonstrator.
  • Evaluating the approach by using a simple use case for controlling lights and shutter in the demonstrator.


  • Understanding the existing Living lab demonstrator and the existing rule engine.
  • Refining and improving of the existing approach.
  • Implementing use cases for controlling lights and shutter in the demonstrator.
  • Providing detailed documentation of the work done as part of thesis work.


  • Good knowledge of Java, OSGi.
  • Basic knowledge of maven, drools rule engine.
  • Self-driven and motivated to work independently.

Contact Person(s): Pragya Kirti Gupta, Markus Duchon, Bernhard Schaetz