Bachelor Thesis: Development and implementation of analyzing concepts for the fortiss Smart Energy Living Lab

With the rapidly rising number of websites on the internet, there is hardly any kind of service that is only provided by a single website. Today it is typically the case that for each offered functionality (e.g search engines, e-shops, etc.) there are many different websites the user can choose from. Consequently the only difference between these websites is the way they choose to display this functionality. Hence, usability traits like the website’s logical structure and appearance become more and more important. This bachelor’s thesis takes a closer look at the reasons behind the user’s decision for a specific website.

In the context of this thesis, a new web-frontend for the Living Lab Project at the fortiss GmbH, has been designed. It is supposed to replace the old web-frontend. The new web-frontend will use common usability concepts to improve the structure and the content presentation. At the end of the thesis, the new web-frontend is compared to the old one in order to show, how the user interface of a website influences the way the users judge the underlying system. The success of the new website is evaluated in the second part of the user study.

Author: Jens Klinker, 2015

Bachelor Thesis Jens Klinker (German)