Bachelor Thesis: Office Employees: Developing a visualization concept for Android for raising awareness of the energy consumption in an office space

The primary purpose of this thesis was to create a visualization concept for Android smartphones based on the data provided by the Smart Micro Grid at fortiss. After having worked out and sketched concepts for the user interface and possible features, expert interviews helped to de- termine the feasibility and raised further ideas. The resulting application provides a concept to visualize the current energy consumption as well as historical data. Further an automated rating of an office room was developed to help promoting better light usage. The approach of user generated content should both help to fill the application with information about certain electrical devices via QR codes and raise awareness and the understanding of the energy consumption. The result is an application that provides immediate feedback on the office’s usage and the energy consumption. The application’s effect on user behavior and energy conservation should be tested over a longer period of time as soon as the communication with the backend system is fully working.

Author: Martin Prinz, 2015, Thesis was done in cooperation with the LMU Media Informatics department

 Bachelor Thesis Martin Prinz (German)

screen_main app_energy_prod rating_landscape