Paper: Combining SCADA, CIM, GridLab-D and Akka for Smart Grid Co-Simulation


Smart energy systems are a promising choice for countries worldwide to handle the challenges predicted in the next decades. With the will to participate in this development technology providers create a plethora of custom system solu- tions. While traditional equipment can be evaluated using power system simulations, the impact of components with complex communication and responsive behavior is hard to measure and evaluate. In this work we introduce a co-simulation framework, which is developed to analyse properties of custom smart grid solutions. We combine classical power system simulations, reac- tive smart grid components coupled to actors and use CIM as an intermediate model. Our actor connection to SCADA allows to efficiently run large-scale co-simulation experiments to evaluate the behavior of custom components under real environment or duplicate real systems to analyse scalability and emergent properties of new solutions.

Authors: Denis Bytschkow, Martin Zellner, Markus Duchon

ISGT: 2015