Paper: Establishing a Smart Grid Node Architecture and Demonstrator in an Office Environment Using the SOA Approach


The introduction of low-cost renewable energy production, e.g., by photovoltaic, has turned classical grid nodes like homes and offices in prosumers, taking an active role in smart energy systems by merging home-automation and energy production functionality. However, to become a self-balancing element of a stable smart grid, supporting the energy-aware cooperative production, storage, and consumption, a scalable software is needed, tailored for smart micro grids and their integration in large-scale systems. In the following, the imple- mentation of a layered SOA-based distributed architecture is presented, that provides open interfaces simplifying the plug- and-play of hardware and software components.

Authors: Dagmar Koß, Denis Bytschkow, Pragya Kirti Gupta, Bernhard Schätz, Florian Sellmayr and Steffen Bauereiß

SE4SG Workshop @ ICSE 2012