Masterpraktikum Games Engineering: Gamification for Smart Energy Systems

The Smart Grid Demonstrator is developed as a part of the regular office space at fortiss. The demonstrator’s backend is based on a Service Oriented Architecture making it flexible and extensible. The system allows to monitor the energy consumption of different devices in the office space as well as status of some sensors (e.g. temperature, occupancy) and control devices (e.g. blinds or lights). This can also be done over a webpage for the demonstrator or mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows).

The goal of this Praktikum would be, to develop gamification concepts for the office employee, which will help him to save energy and learn more about how to be more energy efficient, all by having fun using the apps or web account and play against other employees.

A basic gamification framework already exists and has to be extended by adding more challenges, integrating push notifications, integrating some anti-cheat mechanisms. But there is also room for completely new concepts and ideas. Also a great focus should be on the collaboration and competition between the employees.

Also, before implementing there should also be user studies done, to get the end-users opinions and insights on the topic.

Preferably would be a team of four different programming skillset:

– Android OS, iOS (Objective C), Windows Apps (C#)

– for the backend we use Java

– for the web-frontend we use Django (Python)

The Praktikum will be held at fortiss, which is an An-Institut for TU München and therefore it is possible to get your credits here.

You can check out this webpage, you will already find a lot of information about the project.

If you are interested, contact either Dagmar or Markus.